I’m a Phoenix

Image So, part of my life’s journey brought me back to school.  After graduating high school I was so done with school.  13 years of county jail.  At least that’s what it felt like…and everyday we had supervised release.  Smh.  Is that why jail and school are both considered institutions?

Anyways, before I get too off topic.  I’m back in school, again.  I’ve done the college thing before.  On campus I spent plenty of nights in the computer lab, game room, and fending off offers of drinks I didn’t pour.  Then I decided night school, which would have been ok if Prison Break had not become my favorite show.  My Monday night class was affecting my life so I quit.

Now, I am home schooled.  On my own accord though.  I saw all of the commercials for the University of Phoenix before, but my best friend is enrolled and that’s what really tipped the scale for me.  My first thoughts of school were of Skyped web chats between teachers and students…something really high tech.  Which is not the case.  This is what I have learned so far about being a Phoenix.

  1. You NEED to have Microsoft Word in order to pass!  All of the assignments are to be submitted by 11:59 PM PST and in .doc format.
  2. Participation is the easiest points you can get.  Only catch: the dialogue may be beneath, above, or beyond you.  It’s kind of hit and miss.
  3. SAVE EVERYTHING! Even instructors make mistakes it’s up to you to catch them.
  4. Keep an open mind.  My biggest problem is adjusting to my classmates learning styles.  Some days I’m so frustrated I just want to put a big STFU in the Main Forum, but that wouldn’t be constructive.
  5. Oh yea, post everything in the MAIN FORUM.

Besides, that and doing your work it’s pretty much the same at any other school.  It’s easy to get distracted with life though since you don’t actually attend a physical class.  It would probably be beneficial to have some time management skills and a lot of dedication before enrolling in the school.

My time here has been pretty good.  I did transfer 20 credits when I enrolled so that cut down a lot of the classes I see people complaining about in the forums, like math.  Once, I’m done with school (next year) I might just jump back into it, but I will have to see…and update that later on.


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