The Ideal Outfit

So, I’m sitting at home with my boyfriend sipping on Celestial Peppermint Tea and eating a KFC Famous Bowl when it donned on me that I owned the most versatile and ideal outfit ever.

((D R U M R O L L)) 

Stretch Pants and a Tee!!!

I am currently rocking stretch pants and a black tank underneath my bath robe.

You can wear stretch pants and a tee anywhere you go and only a few minor tweaks will make it appropiate.

ImageHere I am with stretch pants, a banded tee, and a hat (that my little cousin got tired of wearing) while on a trip to the aquarium.  This look works and is still in good taste.

ImageMy cousins and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot in front of her house and I dressed up black stretch pants and a brown tee with gladiator sandals.

ImageNow off to the Boston Sports Club for a work out with white stretch pants a gray tee and some Jordans.

I really can’t find a place I couldn’t wear this outfit.  I’m even about to wear it to bed.



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