Feliz Navi Blah!

My spirits are down in the dumps!  Not Ebenezer Scrooge down, but not so high either way.  Today, is only Christmas Eve but I definitely just got overly mad that there is NOTHING in my stocking or under the tree.

Now, I’m grown and I’m not sure why it really means so much to me to have something, but I think it’s because I’ve gotten nothing for so long.  Plus, this would be our first Christmas together (2nd total, but first spent together), and I don’t have much for family to enjoy the holidays with. So, yea, I just got major attitude…I’m still mad, or hurt, or a whole lot of things.

He keeps saying it’s not even Christmas yet…which it isn’t, but I don’t expect Santa to come after midnight and all the stores are closing early.

It’s Christmas Eve.

I think I’ve effectively missed the meaning of Christmas.  Before this I was happy that we were even going to be together this Christmas, and that he was celebrating with me.  He doesn’t even celebrate Christmas.

Um…New Years Resolution # 1: Chill Out


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