Ten Things I Did in 2011 & Won’t Do Again

The end is near! Atleast, the end of 2011 is near.  While everybody is thinking of their resolutions for the year to come, I am reflecting on the mistakes I made and won’t commit again.

  1. Kick a couch – I had to put this at the top of the list because I have recently been traumatized by these actions.  My foot still hurts at this time.
  2. Eat a Mama Celeste Cheese Pizza – my boyfriend heated one up for me and the next day I vomited multiple times after 14 years without incident.  Then I had to get medicine because the nausea wouldn’t go away. Womp. Womp.
  3. Register a car for ANYBODY – There is just way to many drawbacks to this.  Definitely not recommended.
  4. Move in January – There was already about a foot of snow before the blizzard and trying to move 2  days after was time consuming and slushy.
  5. Fall asleep at a New Years Eve Party – Even though I knew 99% of the people there it’s a weird feeling waking up next to someone you didn’t go to sleep with.
  6. Turn the water heater up to max – I like to take hot showers but I have narrowly missed having third-degree burns on numerous occasions.
  7. Not measure the stairways before moving – I had to get rid of my still-in-the-wrapper boxspring because I didn’t know the dimensions of the hallway before signing the lease.  Oh yea, my leather couch too!
  8. Drink only coffee during heat waves – Even though it was my favorite Iced Coffee Concoction I was still dehydrated.  There is nothing pretty about being dehydrated!                Image
  9. Rely on iPhone Maps walking directions – I live in Boston and you really have to take CAUTION and time it accordingly when using the walking directions.  Driving is good though.
  10.  Live with rats – One day I thought I saw something move. I dismissed it but I still bought some mouse traps. Months later I caught a mouse.  Days later a rat jumped out of no where.  I moved.  (We found the hole, and it went from my upstairs neighbors right into my kitchen. Yuck!)

I don’t plan to commit these acts again in 2012 or beyond.  That would just be criminal.


2 thoughts on “Ten Things I Did in 2011 & Won’t Do Again

  1. Mine: all-nighters. In high school, pulling a couple per week on a regular basis didn’t even phase me. Now, I do it once and it leaves me an exhausted, gaunt, and nauseated walking dead. So not worth the extra pages of research paper. They only seem good ’cause you’re too far gone to evaluate them properly ;[.

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