Happy New Year 2012

We made it! Whoop!!

You should also be glad to know that one day recently I came across an article on Yahoo! saying that other Mayan writings predict events after 2012, so the world shouldn’t be ending either!!! Double whoop!

Anyways, my NYE 2011 was quiet. I stayed home. I did stay up until midnight but sometime after that, and a sip of peppermint tea, I was KO’ed.

I racked my brain on what a good resolution for me would be and I finally made one I could totally benefit from. This year I am going to try and be more patient.

I used to be a patient person, but life changed that. I have learned that patience is definitely a virtue and I will be practicing it more this year. My other resolution is to do more for myself. I do a lot for others and sometimes (most times) neglect my own needs so this year it’s going to be about me!

I hope everyone else had a safe and happy new years. I hope you can keep your resolutions.

We on one in 2012.


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