Whip My Hair Naturally

I don’t know what really made me do it.  One day, I just decided, “this is it for me.  I’m not buying anymore of these.” The THESE that I am talking about is a Perm for my hair.

I got my first perm at 6 years of age.  I had a lot of wavy (sometimes, “nappy”) hair, but it was all mine and it was all natural.  Over time and hundreds of perms later, I started feeling as if my hair never looked good enough.  It never reached it’s original length.  Only curled on one side, and had way to many split ends.  You can’t look good with split ends and damaged hair.

So, almost one year ago, I stopped perming my hair completely.  I don’t have a regular hair dresser, and at this time I also don’t have disposable income to spend at the salon.  I did the next best thing to find out about transitioning my hair back to it’s natural texture.  I Googled it.  A few blogs and YouTube videos later I was convinced that I could do it.

I couldn’t bring my self to cut all of my hair off, so instead I began by cutting off the permed ends whenever I washed my hair, which was about every two weeks.  Why only once every 2 weeks?  Because I put in a new weave every two weeks.  Weaving and braiding was my way of transitioning without all the heat and combing damage daily hair styles could bring.  I learned how to do full head weaves on YouTube (I’m keeping it 100)!  I got a lot of compliments on the various styles I tried and each time it looked better and better to me.

But, I have dreams of curly natural hair blowing in the wind.  Even if it doesn’t blow that much.

Transitioning is definitely something you have to be mentally prepared to do.  Once I take my hair down (it’s been in 2 french braids for months) and wash it I get so aggravated.  Sometimes, I just want to run out and buy a perm because I’m tired of breaking combs and fuzzy edges, but I won’t.  What would have been the point of cutting my hair in the beginning if I do that?  It would have been done in vain and that would make me even more angry.

I’ve gotten my hair back to a length that I can wear out, even though I’m not too happy with the styles yet, I’m happy with my choice and the fact that I’m still pushing along.

This time next year, you can find me outside in all my natural glory whipping my hair back and forth. Mm hmm.

No Perm Just a Flat Iron

My Fro

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