I Didn’t Know I was THAT Skinny…

I see a lot of gigs for models for the local Art schools.  I’m normally, a very shy person.  I don’t go places without a companion.  I don’t randomly talk to strangers…but I decided to be more outgoing.  My first attempt shot me down!

I responded to an ad for a model with no height requirements but you must fit into a size 0-4.  Whoop.  I already KNOW that I’m short, 5’1 isn’t going to get me on anyone’s runway but I am pretty.  I know that sounds conceited, but you have to have some type of confidence in yourself.  I may be shy but I’ve never underestimated myself.

So, now, I actually go to this modeling shoot…brought my heels and everything.  Did the best walk ever, like BAM! at every end! Then the guy…whoever he is…tells me that I am too skinny.  To model.  Really.

Short, I get, but too skinny…hmm!  Anyways, one day, I’m gonna model something.  Watch!

I’m fly, I’m fly-y, He’s hating…LOL


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