Racks on Racks

It’s all fun and games until somebody get’s Boardwalk and Park Place!

We only have one game at home to play.  One board game at least, and that is Monopoly.  After hours upon hours of internet interactions and so called networking it’s nice to be able to sit and enjoy a game of Monopoly.

Or should I say DOMINATE it!

Dominate is just what I did!  Now, we play Monopoly with basic game rules.  My boyfriend and his friend always cheat when my backs turned anyways, so I guess rules don’t really matter.  What matters is greed.  What matters is that cold hard multi-colored, thinly sliced, paper currency!  What matters is Free Parking when you’re broke.  Honestly though, what matters the most is that I WON!

All it took was for me to land on Boardwalk.

The guys had already bought most of the properties  like they where real estate tycoons or something.  They left me with slim pickings.  The only property that was fully up for grabs just happened to be on one side of the board.  All three of the green ones (Yes! I refer to parts on the board by their designated colors) and Boardwalk and Park Place.  So after paying rent on every spot I landed on I began to get a little frustrated with my dice rolling skills.  I endured the jeers…the ‘give it up Meek’, ‘Just buy that property for me’…yea yea…until I rolled the die!

Boardwalk, oh how I love thee!

Once, I landed here AND purchased it the negotiations began.  Deal or No Deal:

I’ll give you the other Brown one (Baltic) plus $650 MD for Boardwalk.


Not only did I just get the neighboring property I also got enough cash to build hotels on the two properties.  It was all downhill from there.  Somehow, my dice rolling skills improved and I managed to get all three green properties with three houses a piece (a cool 900 in rent) and all the good Community Chest and Chance cards.

Needless to say, I came out on top. Evicting m-fers left and right. Just give it up guys!

Cuz, I’m a hustla. I’m a I’m a hustla homie!


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