Google Me!

Working at Google would be the ideal job for me.  Rather, a career.  Every time that I see a posting for a job at Google Boston I apply…if I’m qualified.

I’ve never gotten an interview though and it bums me out.

I’m such a computer geek and it’s not a secret to anyone.  My boyfriend calls me Google as a nickname (Not too sure how I feel about that) because he’s always asking me for the 411 on everything.  What ever I don’t already know I ask Google.

Overall, I think I’m more than qualified to do any type of administrative tasks at any company.  Some may even consider me as being over qualified, but my first love isn’t Business.  It’s computers.  Software, hardware, peripherals, networking (hard lines and social), HP, Dell, Apple.  I Love  Technology!  I feel like a job at Google would allow me to be free, creative, and teach me so much more.  So, how do I get a job at Google?!  I don’t know, so I googled it…I figure they should know.

I came across this article by Dan Schawbel that puts the process in perspective.  I don’t know Dan personally, but I do remember him following me on twitter back when I first signed up.  I followed back, (but have since deleted that account) and learned a lot about personal branding do’s and dont’s from his tweets.  Which made this article more credible to me because of other information he has supplied.

I am so determined to get my dream job.  I need to market myself and my skills way better because someone needs to take notice!  I am the ideal employee.  I want to love where I work and what I do.

I need you and you need Me!

You should follow Dan Schawbel on Twitter!


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