Case Study: Perceived Ethnicity & Jobs

Today, I came across a show airing on Showtime that was talking about how giving your children an ethnic name could be a hindrance in their futures.  As an example, the show stated that they had conducted a case study that involved 5,000 resumes.  Each of the resumes where sent to the same companies and had identical information: education, work, experience, etc., the only difference was the applicant’s name.  The names used were Greg and Tyrone.  The conclusion of the study was that the resume for Tyrone was called back 33 percent less than the resume for Greg.

What the study was trying to show was that ethnic names are less likely to be chosen.

There were also interviews with random people asking what they believed to be popular Ethnic names and Popular “White” names.  One black female stated that popular white names would be: “Meagan, Sarah, Becky,” and one White Male said “Oprah!”

I actually agree with the study but I’m going to conduct my own research to find out.

This is actually a disturbing finding because companies should be looking for quality workers not discriminating based on perceptions and names.


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