Whitney, I’ll Always Love You

Whitney Houston is one of my dads favorite artists.  I grew up listening to soulful music; the original Pop Culture music.  Daddy always called me Little Whitney!  When I saw R.I.P. Whitney on my Facebook feed I assumed it was a joke; another internet rumor.  Not this time.

I can’t honestly saw that her passing has affected my life, or ways of thinking, but I do feel sadness.  Not for me, but for her, her family, and fans as well.  I’ve grown up in a time riddled with icons from music to technology, and one by one they are passing away.

It makes you realize 1. how long you have been present on Earth, and 2. how much longer you can be present on Earth.

A lot of people are speculating as too the cause of death because of Whitney’s previous encounters with drugs.  I on the other hand can care less about that.  Yea, she did drugs, and she’s an adult.  The things she did in her life are what shaped her as a person, but she gave to others with her voice.  A God given talent.  Most people don’t use the common sense, let alone the TALENT that God gave them.  So, I’m not going to criticize her for the choices that she made.

If it was drugs that killed her I honestly don’t believe she would have done anything to intentionally kill herself.  Besides, being Whitney Houston the Queen of Pop, she was also a mother.  I feel bad for her child.  I send condolences to a family, I’ve never interacted with, never met.

Whitney will always be an icon and will always be remembered.  Hopefully, it’ll be for what she brought to the world: a beautiful voice, great music.  Most of us could only hope to touch so many people or to have a lasting legacy.

I’m going to leave it with this song that had been stuck in my head the past week.  I was going through it in my own relationship and the one line that Whitney sang:

If I should stay, I will only be in your way

Then a few days later she’s gone.  Music is a big party of my life.  The music industry lost another icon and I don’t see many in the running to replace or even compare to those that are gone!


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