Staffing Agencies: Somebody Lied

I understand that the economy is supposedly so effed up that people should consider themselves lucky for having a job!  Congrats to all the beautiful people!

What I KNOW: that’s BS! The economy isn’t that bad…trust me!  What’s bad is the work ethic of the “lucky” ones.  90 percent of most peoples work day is spent in a fog.  (My own analysis.)  A typical work day is 8 hours but only about 1.5 of those hours produce any type of actual work.  So, being lazy and getting paid for it does sort of equate to being lucky.  I guess.

For the unlucky ones, it almost seems impossible to join the elite.  Especially when you have staffing agencies involved.  OMG!  The biggest headaches and waste of time/space ever.  I despise staffing agencies more than the repo man.  Oh, there are so many reasons, so let’s begin!

Why I don’t like staffing agencies by: Meeka Millyz

  • They’ll call your phone excessively to talk with you about a position they have, that you recently applied to.
  • After establishing that you are still looking and interested in a position then they will either A) schedule an interview in their offices, or B) forward your resume and promise to keep in touch.
  • If you went the A route, then after spending your money and time in transit you find out that they don’t even have the jobs available that you applied to.  So, now, they hit you with option B. (We’ll keep in touch.)
  • They don’t keep in touch.
  • Multiple agencies will have the same job posting and then they turn all CIA with the company they are representing.  Everything is a job-code. (Why can’t I know where this job is located?)
  • The out of state ones call you about jobs 50 miles away from your home because they have no clue about the city you live in.

Truthfully, the only people that I really see benefiting from staffing agencies are the ones that work there.  Their job is to get people in the door, which they do.  As far as actually getting people jobs…puh-leaze!

Now, don’t think I’m just a ranting disgruntled person.  I have worked in human resources in all aspects and I know what it takes to recruit, and also how quick and simple it really is to follow up with applicants.  With 6 hours of free time, why is it difficult?

The people that apply to jobs, most likely NEED jobs.  Yea, you get the people that are not qualified that apply, which I feel is done out of frustration.  If you continuously apply apply apply to jobs you are qualified for to no avail then EFF IT apply to it all, what are you going to lose besides the extra minutes you wasted?

I get emails daily from staffing agents for jobs that I’m not qualified for such as:

  • LEVEL 3 HELPDESK TECHNICIAN.  I love computers and I did works as an ENTRY LEVEL ANALYST before, but where on my resume did you see that I qualified for this?  Already wasting time!
  • HR COORDINATOR (Wherever, RI) This I may be qualified for but, um, did you see that I live in MASSACHUSETTS and no where near the RI border.   I need a job but not 3 hours away from my house, and who told you I was driving?
  • EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (with 10-15 years experience supporting C-LEVEL EXECS)  I graduated from high school less than 10-15 years ago.  Enough said!

I don’t know.  It’s crazy out here.  Good luck to anyone looking for a job!


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