From BX to Boston feat Hell Rell [video]

So, Loyalty Over Everything managed to do it again!  Someone, needs to just sign them already!


Because they are full of talent!

If you check out the iDesign tab up top ^^^ you will see the flier I designed for the February 25th show.  This time L.O.E. teamed up with Ruger Rell and besides putting on an awesome show, they made a FIRE track and video to prove it!  In the video you get to see the styles of L.O.E’s K-Mafia & Briyl Money, along with Number Gang’s (44 PortLife) Streets and Haze.

This is the third track that L.O.E. has done in collabo with NY!  First it was the Harlem to Boston video with A-Mafia.  Then they dropped a track with JR Writer (with more on the way) and now I present to you Hell Rell!

The video is hot! (repeat that a few times)

If you like rap music and are tired of the mainstream music then consider this group.  They’re making moves.  Trust me.

These are some hard working individuals doing what they love and having fun!  Shoutouts to Boston and the whole L.O.E. family.

If you want to see more of their videos then click here!

Follow L.O.E.  on Twitter too! (This video was shot and edited by GMOBFilms)


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