Girl Interrupted

There’s nothing conventional to see here…


I have a lucky number or two.  Two is actually one of them.

I plan to make my birthday a world holiday.  Something monumental happened that day, and I’m sure you already know what that is.  Ever since then I’ve been dreaming big!

When I’m not dreaming, I’m living…

Going to the movies, either at Showcase or my local favorite: The Couch located right in my living room.  Eating Honey Bunches of Oats, dry, because milk makes it to soggy.  Plus, I have to deal with that lactose thing.  Teaching myself graphic design while my professors teach me business policies and such.  Yup, I’m still in school. Searching for a job, that’s not intimidated by smart people, and thinking of starting my own business just to give  all those employers that didn’t hire me a reason to be scared and intimidated!

There’s a lot to like about me…

You know, like my adorable face, and the fact that it hasn’t changed much in my 27 years!  Maybe, how I’m just not like everybody else.  I don’t like marshmallows or barbecue sauce…or watching people eat them.  I love cartoons! That’s just me, being older doesn’t mean being stiff, and cartoons are in no way stiff.  I read books FOR FUN! Release your inner nerd.  I’m not scared to be a smart ass and I’ll display it every where I go.  People that dumb themselves down for the sake of popularity are in fact DUMB AS F!

And for the dis-likes…

I honestly, don’t care what you dislike about me…what matters is what I dislike about myself and then I can change those.  No complaints.  But feel free to dislike me in a comment, status, or tweet.  Just make sure you say my name.  Recognition goes a long way.



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